[Vokeys] Seeking Information on Birth Mother

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I have some information on Donna Marie Vokey.  I will not post same in a public forum, for obvious reasons.  However, should this person wish to speak with me personally, have her give me a call at (902) 569-5539 or e-mail me at rjvokey at pei.sympatico.ca

Bob Vokey
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  Do any of you folks have a lead

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    A good friend of mine is looking for his birth mother and i'm trying to give him a hand!  The only information he has thus far is that her name was Donna Marie Vokey and that she was from Bell island.  She then moved to Port Hope Ontario and gave birth to him in Cambridge Ontaio about 29 years ago (she is about 48 now).  If you have any information on this woman or know of any way of more info please respond to this e-mail!
  Cheers JP

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